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14 Good and Productive Things To Do Over This Holiday Season

Oh, the holidays. Christmas. New Year’s Eve. It’s that time of the year when you can just take some days off, be at home, relax and eat without counting calories after a long cooking marathon. Even if you’re a social media influencer and have lots of followers expecting to hear form you, you should take this season to go offline a little bit. First, your followers will probably be as busy as you will with their families, cooking and last minute gifts, and second because you could use some free time to gather energies, get new ideas and become more productive.

So, offline or not, here are some things you can do during your holidays that can be wonderful to your growth.

1) Spend some quality time with your friends and family

During the year it is hard to take some time off for your family or friends, either because you’re very busy, they are far or your vacations do not meet, but the holidays are a good period to travel to visit your loved ones and spend some good time together. You can update them of what’s going on in your life, you can hear what they have been up to, chit chat for a while and even take the dust out of that board game and play it with them.

2) Call your long distance loved ones

The world has become so global that we cannot always be face to face with those we care about, but that doesn’t mean you stop keeping in touch. Because we get more time over the holidays, if you cannot afford to visit some of the people you love, you can always sit and call them on the phone, Facetime or Skype.

It’s good how technology brings the world together.

3) Schedule all your important appointments

The new year is coming closer, and with that, new appointments are required. Take this time to call your dentist for a check-up, to book an appointment at your doctor, to get your car checked, etc. These appointments are all important, but on our daily routine we tend to either forget about them or not find time for them. Now you can either check if there’s availability to take these appointments right now, or you can book them for the future – after you do that, no matter how busy you are, it will be easier to organize yourself and find time to go.

4) Start a new habit

You have probably heard how meditating is good, or how relaxing coloring is, or you really miss writing, but you haven’t found time to start doing that yet. Take this break period in your advantage and start a new habit. It will be so much easier to stick with it when you go back to your ‘regular’ life.

5) Try something new

Give it a try to a new type of cuisine, to that app you read about, or to that TV series your friend said how cool it is. Now you have time to try something new, go for it.

6) Read

We bet you have a reading list, full of books and articles you so much want to read. You know what? The weather outside is probably inviting you to stay at home, so grab a book and read it under a blanket, with a hot drink next to you.

7) Learn a new skill

Job related or not, some people are really eager to start learning something new, but it is challenging to find time to do it when you’re busy with your daily tasks. Enjoy the holidays and learn how to bike or how to master Photoshop. Ask yourself what you would like to learn and go for it. Even if you do not finish learning it for now, at least you have already started, and it will be easier to finish it.

8) Take time for yourself

The holidays are known as a period for family and friends, but don’t forget of someone very important: yourself. This is the time to also slow down, reflect and focus on yourself. Be alone for a while, go for a walk alone and enjoy your own company.

9) Set goals for 2016

When we are on our work or university routine, we are so busy that some times we are not even aware how fast time flies, and we end up disconnecting from our goals and wishes. Out of nowhere, we realize it is already June, that half of the year has already passed and there is still a ton of things we would like to do.

Take advantage of the holidays to reflect on what’s important for you, what are your goals and wishes and how you can accomplish them, both professionally and personally.

10) Make reservations for the future

So, let’s say that you thought about your goals and wishes, and they include visiting that friend who lives in another country, try that amazing restaurant or go to a concert of your favorite band – make space for those plans on your calendar and start booking them. Chances are you’ll find better and cheaper opportunities if you start looking earlier. Also, you’ll feel less stressed out and you’ll find yourself actually doing what you had planned.

We can dream as much as we want for 2016, but the best part is to actually make your plans come true.

11) Rethink your furniture

Look around – can your house improve to make your daily routine easier? Perhaps another bookshelf wouldn’t be a bad idea, or maybe you could use a better desk. Take this time to reflect about it. Get inspiration from Pinterest or decor catalogs. Because a comfortable, practical and organized house will do wonders to your life.

12) Renew your wardrobe

Is your wardrobe full of clothes you no longer use and that you could donate to charity? Or with clothes or shoes that are simply too old to be used? Take this time to open space in your wardrobe.

13) Take naps

Listen to your body this season – probably you are very tired. Use this time to take some naps. You’ll feel more relaxed and with more energy, and your productivity will be bigger when you go back to work.

14) Get exercise

We all know the benefits of exercising, and hence we shouldn’t break our workout routine over the holidays. Don’t forget to take some time to exercise. Or, in case you do not have a defined workout routine, this could be a good time to start one. Your body will thank you and you’ll feel so much better.

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