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2 Cool Ways to Promote Apps With SharePop

One of the best things about SharePop is how easy it is to use. Therefore, it would be quite ironic if promoting apps from us would turn out to be a pain – good news is that… it isn’t. It is such a piece of cake that today we show you how, in two ways.

1 – Post your trial of the app

Publish a photo or a video about the app. It’s even better if this content shows you using the app because it makes it more relatable.

2 – App Awareness

Let me give you an example. You know that SharePop has apps that can help you get what you want – shoes, bikes, a new flat, and even tickets to your favorite band. Let’s say that one of those apps informs you that the band you so wanted to see is coming to know. If you happen to go, take a photo of yourself during the concert, inform your fans that that app helped you be there, and paste your SharePop tracking link there. Your followers probably did not know such app existed and now they see a good use to it, which motivates them to download even more.

Either way, never forget:

Just two important notes:

Use hashtags

Hashtags can help others find your content. For example, make that band’s name an hashtag so other people can find you.

Be authentic

Above all, never forget that your followers trust your recommendations. Share your reactions while you were using the app and tell them your thoughts about it. Do not just tell them to download an app, say to them why do you believe they should. In the end you’re a social media influencer and you should keep it real.

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