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3 Ways to Involve Your Followers in Your Social Media

Your followers play an important role on your social media and building a stronger community can increase your influence. But how do you get your public involved with your content?

There are 3 simple and creative ways:

1 – Ran a Contest

This can’t go wrong because everybody loves contests. They bring up human desire for competition and are exciting.

Ask your followers to submit a piece of content in exchange of a price (it can be money, a product, you decide).

2 – Encourage Creativity

Try to get your public involved with your content and the products you promote. For instance, how about you ask them to try the SharePop apps you promote and share a cool video or photo of their experience? People love to be creative. Take the lead, inspire them and motivate them to embrace creativity with your content.

3 – Ask their opinion

As simple as that. For instance, you can ask them what they have thought about an app you have promoted. Their comments will be a good opportunity to interact and get to know them better.

And now we ask you for your opinion: what do you think of these 3 ways to involve followers on social media? Do you have any other ideas? Leave a comment 🙂

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