5 Instagram Features You Didn’t Know That Existed

As easy as it is to use Instagram, the app has some special features that may have passed you by. They take the Instagram experience to the next level and can make improve your social share experience. Take a look at them.

Instagram Direct

The photo-sharing app has a feature that allows us to share photos and messages with certain people only. It’s like texting someone with a photo.


To access it, click on the ‘file’ box on the top right side. After that, you can both send a new message or check which ones you have received.

You can hide photo filters

You may hide the filters you do not use or like now. When you open a photo do edit, click on ‘filters’, and then tap ‘manage’, which can be found at the end of the filter’s list. From there you can easily ticked and unticked the filters you want to see.


Hide that tagged photo you don’t like

Some times it happens that a friend of ours posts a photo of us we don’t like and don’t want our followers to see it – however, do not fear, there’s a feature you can use for that.

To hide a tagged photo, go to the tab “Photos of You”, select the photo, tap the photo once to reveal the tags, tap your name and select “Hide from My Profile”. Don’t forget to tap “Finished” after that.

Get notifications when your favorite accounts post

We all have those Instagram accounts that we simply do not want to miss a bit of it – and now we can.

If you go to the Instagram profile you want to follow up, you can tap the three dots in the top right corner. A small window will pop op, with the option ‘Turn on Post Notifications”.

Check out the photos you liked in the past

Remember that photo you liked a few weeks ago about that band you like so much? You would really like to show it to your friend right now, but where is it?

To save your time looking, you can use this feature. Go to ‘Settings’, and under ‘Account’, you have the option ‘Posts You’ve Liked’. Tchan-nan!


Main Photo: iTechify

Other photos from Mashable, Business Insider and Meighanotoole

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