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5 Irresistible Facts About Small & Medium Social Media Influencers

So you’re not a big social media influencer yet – that’s OK. Actually, there are plenty of things that play in your favor when you’re a small or medium social media influencer.

1 – Businesses of any size love you

As your audience is still not so big in number, you cannot ask companies for lots of money in exchange of your content. This may sound like a disadvantage but it really isn’t since this mean more and more businesses can actually afford you. Hence, you are attractive to big, medium and small companies, agencies and organizations, which brings you more opportunities of business and several sources of income.

2 – Local businesses also love you

Once again, you’re affordable, and it is very likely that your audience is mostly focused in one location. Local businesses do not have lots of money, however, many of them would be willing to pay or offer you a compensation in exchange of a mention in your social media platforms.

3 – You know your audience better

As your number of followers is both reasonable and yet not so big, you can get to know your audience better. It is easier to track their likes and comments, as it is to reply to them. Besides, you can analyze how they interact with your content, which gives you a terrific feedback on their interests and preferences, and you’ll have a better impression on why people follow you and how you can improve.

4 – You’re super relatable

One of the aspects that make social media influencers so adored by the public when compared to celebrities is how relatable they are, and you actually gain points for that. Being relatable means that you’re very likely to build a good connection with your audience, which means better chances of engagement and on growing your presence online. After all, people like who they can relate to.

5 – You don’t have to deal with the price of fame (yet)

Nobody is saying that one day you won’t be a major influence with thousands of followers from all over the world – but while you are not, you can enjoy the balance of having some power and influence online and the pleasure of being and anonymous citizen offline (well, until your followers start recognizing you on the street).

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