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5 Reasons why you should be on Instagram

“Once you go Instagram, you never go back!” This is the quote I have invested when I was thinking how awesome this app is. Whether you want to use only Instagram or to make it an ally on your social media plan, there are pretty cool reasons to adopt this app into your life – and even better, you can make money with it! Don’t you believe it?

Here are the good reasons why Instagram can be good for you:

1. The Power of Going Visual

You post with photos on Instagram, and that represents advantages itself. People tend to remember better the posts that have pictures and 94% of users consider content with photos to be more attractive.

2. People engage more on Instagram

Although 71% of online adults are on Facebook and 26% on Instagram, the engagement on Instagram is 58 times higher per follower when compared to Facebook, which means that users are more likely to comment, like and even share content that is on Instagram.

3. Creativity for all types of Businesses

Whatever your content is about, there’s always a way to engage with your audience on Instagram. Even for B2B businesses there are plenty of opportunities to share photos, such as travel destinations, team working, projects you’re working on, etc. Dare to think outside of the box and go with it.

4. You can target a post though hashtags

Hashtags help you target your posts to individuals who are into a certain product, service, or even a hobby or a theme. Besides, if people use the name of your business in an hashtag, you can easily target as well what they are saying about your product.

We’ve already made two posts about hashtags: here’s the theory, and here is the power of hashtags in practice.

5. Easier to be reached, higher traffic

Based on the 81% of American adults who use the internet, 52% use two or more social media networks. If you want to be easily found on search engines, you should be on different channels, and hence Instagram can be a good ally on boosting your online influence. Plus, if you do this, the traffic in your other networks and even your website or blog will increase.

And how can I make money with Instagram?

SharePop is a good way to make money with Instagram. By publishing the tracking link on your Instagram bio’s section, you can promote an app of your choice and make money per each install.


Take a look at our apps’ catalog, targeted for English speaking countries, German speaking countries, France, Taiwan and Korea, and start your making money with your influence today!

Happy shares 🙂


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