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5 Reasons why you should be on YouTube

“If you want to be out there, you have to put yourself out there”. This is a quote that has been on this blog many times. Even if YouTube is not your main channel for sharing content, this network can take your influence to another level. How, you ask? We show.

1) YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine after Google

This is not so surprising when we think about it: we all go to YouTube to look for information and entertainment. Whether it is a recipe, tutorials, news, Game of Thrones theories, fashion tips or football videos.

In other words, you will get found more easily if you are on YouTube, which means more views and a higher chance to have more followers.

2) People love to watch and share videos

Comedians, make up tutorials, interviews, sports – the list of what you can watch on YouTube is wide. People love to watch videos and share them on social media or on private messages. Besides, YouTube videos are extremely easy to embed on websites and blogs, and the YouTube App makes the network super optimized for mobile. All this makes YouTube one of the most engaging networks.

3) Visual content is a big thing

As if YouTube was not already designed to make videos shareable, the content this network provides is one of the most effective and engaging kind, as it is just so easy to consume.

4) YouTube is the third largest social network in the world

As if all this we have been saying was not enough, the opportunity to engage with the content and other users on YouTube can go even further through subscriptions, likes and comments – and this engagement actually happens. The community of users that interacts with one another is the third largest in the world of social media networks, ranked only after Facebook and Twitter.

5) Deeper connection with your audience

The bond that is created between the social media influencer and his/her audience is much deeper than on YouTube than in any other network. There is just something about hearing the YouTuber’s voice and watching him/her experiences. This also creates a bigger impact when you discuss certain topics or try certain products.


As you can see, there are very convincing reasons to be on YouTube, and now it us up to you – do you think YouTube could be good for your influence?


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