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6 Reasons to Become A Social Media Influencer

It’s the sexiest job of the 21st century! Everyone wants to meet social media influencers and know how they made it to the top, but if you’re still asking yourself why everybody wants to become an influencer, here’s a glimpse of what their lifestyle looks like.

(Attention: you might want to leave everything behind and turn yourself into an influencer as well after reading this. The side effects may be sadness, wish to change your life and making your mobile phone and camera your allies – if this happens, please just take a deep breath, think about it… and go for it!)

1  – More flexible schedule

Forget the 9 to 5 job. You can start working earlier if you’re a morning person or later if you’re not. When you’re a social media influencer most of the times you will work when you feel productive, all depending on what your content is about. And if you finish earlier, good news – you can leave your ‘office’ soon

2 – Work anywhere

Speaking of offices, you can choose yours when you are a social media influencers – even one without walls. A beach in Brazil, a café in Italy, your backyard or even your room. Having this freedom is terrific when you want to travel more or when you don’t want to leave the house because it’s rainy and cold outside (we all know that feeling, don’t we?)


3 – Spend more time working on your passion

What do you really like? What do you really enjoy doing in your free time? Now image that you could make that… a career; sounds really cool, doesn’t it? Whether it is reading comic books, watching series or playing football, you can turn that into content for your channel and spend your days surrounded by what you truly love.

4 – Go creative

Feel free to think out of the box. Social media is a place that sets no borders to creativity. In fact, most successful social media influencers tend to be the most creative ones, creating interesting and amusing content no one had thought about before.

5 – Everyday is exciting

In other words, everyday is a new day for new ideas. Monotony does not exist when you’re an influencer. You get to work on new content

6 – Make the world a better place

Aren’t you tired of dishonest salesmen? We all are. Many social media influencers make money by recommending products – the biggest different is that they only suggest products they truly believe in and that are interesting to their audience. So you would not be an annoying someone trying to sell a product that no one needs, you would be more like a friend recommending something to another friend. People would trust you, brands would like you, and you would make money.

Sounds like a fantastic lifestyle, doesn’t it? Why don’t you start? It’s simpler than you think. You will have to create your channel, produce original and amazing content and have fun with your audience. Sure a big audience takes a bit of time to build, but whether you’re a small or medium size influencer, you can make money straight away by promoting cool apps with SharePop. Visit our stores – US, French, German, Taiwanese or Korean, depending on where your audience is – recommend the apps you like and enjoy these happy shares 🙂


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