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8 Content Ideas For When You’re Out of Ideas

The quote ‘show must go on’ also applies to social media influencers – you have to frequently come up with new, fresh content ideas for your social media channels. However, that is not so easy. Sometimes you are just blocked. Thinking of that, we gatheres some ideas of what you can do.

1 – Q & A

One of the reasons why people like social media influencers so much is because they are very relatable. Therefore, it is always good to know more about them. We are all curious to know more about that girl with an Instagram account about her travels, or about the YouTuber who produces those videos about games: how do they produce this content? What do they like to do in their spare time? What kind of food is their favorite?

Tell your followers to feel free to send you all the questions they have, select some of them and answer 🙂 this will even improve your relationship with your followers.


2 – Tips

Most of the social media channels have a theme, such as games, cooking, sports or fashion. People follow those channels because they are interested in those topics and want to know more about it, and hence tips can come out as a content that everybody will love and appreciate. Plus, it will make you come across as an expert. For instance, if you’re a fashion social media influencer, give some make up or styling tutorials. If you have a channel about literature, advice on which books to read or give some writing tips.

3 – Breaking news

Pay attention to what is happening around you. If you like to talk about politics, music or even technology, it is good to be aware of the latest trends or of what is going on so then you can develop content for your channels. People love to be updated, and if by following you they feel like they will always know the latest news, they will not want to unfollow you.

4 – Industry trivia

Talking about industry, let’s go back to talking about interests. People love to know more about what they are into, so do not be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to choosing a topic. For example, perhaps you would never say that mathematics would be a fun theme for a channel, yet the YouTube channel Numberphile has lots of followers and they do not fear to explore mathematics further.

The website ‘I fucking love science’ counts with more than 24 million of followers in its Facebook page and the level of engagement is outstanding.

5 – Behind the scenes

People love both what is exclusive and what is special. This is why a back stage pass is so tempting to us: it brings us the chance to get meet an artist and gives us a unique experience. Although it is no longer so ‘exclusive’ when you put it online, behind the scenes content feels pretty special and bring your followers closer to you.


6 – Inspiring content

We all need inspiration once is a while, and content that inspires us never goes out of style. Whether you want to tell your followers a quote or video that shows them that they can achieve their goals or go creative, or even if you share an amazing story from someone, it is most of the times a good approach.

7 – Interviews

Do you know anyone whose words could bring an extra special content to your social media channel? Then go for it. Contrary to what you may think, these people do not need to be celebrities, they may be someone special in your life who your followers would like to meet, which also gives a ‘behind the scene’ impression.

8 – Content of the day

Image of the day, quote of the day, video of the day, music of the day… Publish something that stands out and ‘marks’ that day.

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