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9 Steps to have more followers on YouTube

Ready to know how to grow your influence on YouTube? Let’s go! After 9 tips on how to have more followers on Instagram and Twitter, I have 9 tips to give you on how increase your number of followers on YouTube (I didn’t make it on purpose! It seems that the number 9 is behind popularity when it comes to social media).

Notice that I say ‘followers’ and not ‘subscribers’, because these tips may give you not only people who will subscribe to your channel, but also people who follow your content regularly, even if they don’t subscribe.

1 – Post good content

Sounds logic, doesn’t it? Your content has to be amazing, and with this I mean that it has to have quality (video and content wise) and engaging. Your video should be interesting and entertaining enough to make people watch it until the end and eager to watch more.

A strategy that helps a lot of YouTubers is to establish a niche to their channel: what do they talk about? Fashion? Make up? Traveling? History? Politics?

The British vlogger Zoella has a channel where she gives make up tutorials and talks about fashion and her personal life, while the YouTube channel The Great War talks about World War I and what was happening in a certain week exactly 100 years ago.

2 – Post frequently

You cannot have success on social media if you don’t post regularly. You cannot post, for example, once a month. You need to have a schedule, preferably post on exact days of the week. For example, the famous YouTuber CutiePieMarzia posts every Wednesdays and Saturdays, so her fans know when to expect new content from her – and this is a good strategy to keep people engaged with your channel.

3 – Write an appealing title

Give your videos a title that will make people want to watch them. Include keywords that both apply to your video and are related to your audience’s interests. However, never lie or make your title seem about something that it isn’t. Every viewer appreciates honesty, transparency, and a YouTuber who doesn’t make them waste their time.

4 – Customize your channel

Viewers tend to trust more on YouTube channels that are out of ordinary, and a good way to have it is not only to post unique content, but also to customize it. For example, create a background photo for your channel, write a bio, add links to your other social media channels, write a description for your videos and add them some tags.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 15.35.23

The YouTube channel of Old Spice.

5 – Use thumbnails to your advantage

The right thumbnails make your videos more appealing, not only because it makes them more ‘attracting’ to the eyes, but also because they may sum your videos very well and make your content come across as professional.

Take a look at the thumbnails of the channel Blank on Blank. This channel’s videos brings unheard interviews to iconic people to life with animations.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 15.04.146 – Create an engaging channel trailer

To have a trailer that starts automatically when someone opens your YouTube channel is a good way to introduce your channel quickly to potential new viewers and to get their attention. Make it short, funny and engaging. This trailer should show who you are and what your channel is about. Check out the trailers of Zoella and Blank on Blank. They show perfectly what the channel is about in an engaging manner and in a very short time.

7 – Use annotations to your advantage

Annotations are these boxes that appear on the YouTube video. They work like buttons, hyperlinking the video to, for example, social media channels, other videos or to a subscription. The channel The Great War has several annotations that hyperlink to useful channels and videos, and to users to subscribe.

However, it is important to use annotations in a clever way. Don’t overflow your users with too many of them nor let make occupy so much space that your viewers cannot see your video clearly.

8 – Ask for subscribers

Invite people to subscribe your channel. When I said ‘followers’ and not subscribers, is because there’s still a significant number of people who search for new content on certain YouTube channels, although they do not subscribe.

Make your viewers feel welcome to your YouTube ‘community’ and make them feel like subscribing is a good step to make them closer to your content.

9 – Be yourself

I see over and over on YouTube comments where users complain how ‘fake’ and ‘unreal’ the video looks like. I understand that YouTubers want to keep it professional, but viewers can tell when a smile is fake, when someone truly believes in the product that’s being advertised, etc.

If you read the post about PewDiePie and what’s behind his success (here), you know that one of the most best characteristics of the most popular YouTuber is how authentic he is. In the video bellow, for instance, his reaction is genuine and he admits he doesn’t like the ending of the video game The Last of Us.

I hope you liked this tips and that they will be useful to you.

Main photo: screenshot of Zoella’s trailer

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