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Advertisers should go for Influencer Marketing, and here’s why

What before was considered a hobby can today become a career. Influencers, like everybody who has a job, are paid for the content they make, and more and more brands want to work with them – which is not surprising when you realize the advantages that can come from marketing partnerships with influencers.

Influencers have a loyal audience

Small and medium social media influencers may not have such a big audience yet, but the audience they have is loyal, following the influencer’s content religiously. A more loyal audience drives 16 times more engagement than big influencers or paid media, such as newspapers and magazines, which means the brand can get new customers.

Authenticity and Product Experience lead to higher sales

Influencers are known for being real with their audience. Offering the influencer the possibility to experience the brand’s products before recommending it will increase the engagement between new (or already) customers and the brand itself. Besides, 88% of the buyers consider reviews before making online purchases. Influencers review products, and they tend to go for the products their favorite influencers review and recommend.

People trust their favorite influencers

90% of consumers trust influencer recommendations, while only 33% trust ads, which leads to…

Cost-Effective Campaigns

Influencer marketing can be applied in different social media networks and reach a wide audience, which means that the small investment can immediately be scaled up.

In sum, there are plenty of advantages for brands in establishing partnerships with social media influencers, and more and more companies are doing that. If being a social media influencer sounds like a good idea for you, you can read more about how to become one in here, and become one of ours influencers 🙂

If you have an app and would like it to be promoted by great influencers, you can write to SharePop here. We would love to hear from you.

Happy shares, everyone!


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