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Best Time To Post On Social Media – Twitter

I am just going to cut off the suspense and give you the answer straight away: social media is no exact science, and therefore your posts will not boost just because you publish at a particular time. However, there are certain hours and days that increase the chances of optimization. Shall we look further into that for Twitter?

Twitter is a social media channel that dispenses presentation, but why do people use it? And when? What do they look for on Twitter?

Besides all these questions, when it comes to publishing, there is a crucial one that many social media users forget to ask themselves: when do my followers check Twitter the most?

I am going to present you two facts – one about the hour and the other about the day, and I am going to finish with my personal advice to you.

Tick tock. Tick tock. It’s time!

Regarding hours, 12 pm and 6 pm seem to be the most optimal ones. But why?

Statistics show that Twitter users tend to check the channel on lunch breaks or during their commute, and they are most likely to use Twitter during school and working hours. In other words, we can assume that people use Twitter more when they are on breaks, but they do not check it so much from the moment they arrive at home.

What about days?

There’s always activity on Twitter, regardless of the days. However, sources seem to suggest that, although Twitter users also check the channel on the weekend, the most popular days are the weekdays close to the weekends. In other words, from Wednesday to Friday.

Here’s what I advise!

Know your audience. When people check Twitter depends on their daily habits and personal interests. I once read, for example, that people who are in sunnier countries tend to check Twitter less on the weekends when compared to users based on a more ‘wintery’ city. Furthermore, your followers may be more awake during the night, and if that’s the case, you may be more successful if you post out of regular working hours.

Pay close attention to when exactly you use to have more viewers and engagement from your followers. It will give you a hint of when they check your Twitter account.

Another fact that may help is if you are persistent with the time of posting. For example, if you get your followers used to have a new post every day at 3 pm and 8 pm, they may check your account more around that time. The question here is if you think you can be consistent.

Worry not. It is super easy. Just pay close attention to your posts engagement and to who your audience is, give it a try to the suggest hours and weekdays mentioned above, and you’ll start to see results.

Good luck, and happy shares!


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