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Creativity on Instagram – what we can learn from Oreo

Most people just see a cookie when they look to an Oreo, but when a team of marketeers sees something beyond, the outcome is a fun Instagram account with more than one million of followers.

Definitely it is impossible to not agree that Oreo’s Instagram account is out of ordinary. With such originality, creativity and surprise factor, there are things to learn with Oreo about creativity in this world famous photo-sharing app.

1 – Give new ideas on how to use your product

The Instagram account of Oreo is full of recipes where the cookie is one of the ingredients, giving wings to the imagination of followers and multiple ideas on how to use Oreo.

Oreo and @CheesecakeFactory – it was love at first bite. #NationalCheesecakeDay

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Hot chocolate. Whipped cream. Oreo Minis. #MINDBLOWN

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2 – Create content that is funny and out of ordinary

Oreo completely went of the box with ideas such as #OreoLab, #OreoPlated and #PlayWithOreo. They made their product go from a delicious cookie to amazing and funny content that the followers were just eager to see and share.


Watch a miracle in the making: the creation of our final @OreoLab nomster! #Halloween #OreoLab

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You don’t have to be a yogi to twist this cookie. Show us how you twist with #PlayWithOreo.

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3 – Look at your product in a new perspective

Cute and creative uses are given to the cookie in this Instagram account, from a funny face to one detail of a landscape. Out of the sudden, Oreo is not just a cookie anymore: it can also be a ghost, for example.

The real cookie monster ?

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Why are we so happy? Who nose. #OreoMini

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One very small step for snacks.

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4 – Celebrate everyday with humor

Oreo knows how to celebrate everyday, including special holidays, with their product. The question is: how can your product add a special sparkle to a day?

Witches are a little sweeter this Halloween.

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Small stacks for happy facts.

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5 – Use videos to your advantage

Instagram is not only about photo-sharing. Now you can also share small clips of video, and posting them takes an Instagram account out of monotony. Embrace them 🙂

Hop to it!

A video posted by OREO (@oreo) on

One thought on “Creativity on Instagram – what we can learn from Oreo

  1. Undoubtedly the best Instagram of a brand!

    Creative, funny and not trying to sell no mather the cost! I’m not a big fan of the cookies but a big one of the brand and marketing team!

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