Google Maps rewards those who help people discover new cities

One of the advantages of being a social media influencer can be the opportunity of working remotely from time to time. Even YouTubers can record on the beach, Instagrammers can go out there in the city and photograph, and all you need to tweet is internet connection. Therefore, it is not that surprising that, when you have more freedom to make the world your office, you get the know the city better. You know the most work friendly cafés, the best bars open on Mondays, or even the opening hours of different museums and not so well known monuments. And if you are one of these influencers, there is something for you.

Local Guides, from Google Maps, it is a community where locals share their experiences, photos and tips through a platform, so visitors can have all the wisdom about a city on their mobile. The good news is that anyone can belong to this community, and in exchange of helping people explore your city better, Google rewards you with prices such as more space on Google Drive, first access to some Google products and the opportunity to participate in some exclusive events of Google.

For each share you do, such as a photo or a comment, you get points, which will define which ‘level’ you are, like if it was a computer game. The higher the level, the better the prices, and the more people you help. It is always a win-win situation.

Even if you are located in a small city, think of this as an opportunity to make it and local businesses grow.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up here 🙂

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