HaVoC Gaming – The Story Of A YouTuber With SharePop

Have I already told you how much we love our users? We think you guys rock. And because of that, we wanted to know more about the experience you have us. Hence, I interviewed the YouTuber HaVoC Gaming from the channel HaVoC Gaming – Clash of Clans. The outcome was a friendly conversation about apps and SharePop, with special recommendations for other YouTubers.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your channel?

So a little bit about myself, I like to play mobile games and share with everyone on how to overcome difficult stages of various games. I upload on my channel for that same reason and to also share new games my audience might like.

What can you tell us about your experience with using SharePop?

My experience with SharePop so far is very great. It’s easy to understand and gives me new ways to share mobile games my viewers will enjoy.

You have mentioned game apps, but according to your experience, which kind of games you think work the best?

My viewers like a wide variety of games, but since I upload a lot of videos on the game clash of clans, strategy games in my opinion work the best! On the other hand, I also like to review apps that I think will help my viewers out with something.

Why do you think strategy games work the best?

I think strategy games work the best because it’s very easy to make time fly with these. Especially city builders where there’s a continuous flow of excitement to check back and see if upgrades are done.

Has SharePop had any impact on your channel?

Definitely. SharePop helps me branch out to new games and have viewers for many different games.

Many users have a hard time on figuring out how to share their tracking licks on YouTube. Do you have any advice for them?

Sure. Some advice for getting the tracking link out there other than telling your audience as we commonly do is to try and also have the link on the video. It is even better if the link is very easy to spot.

And how do you get your user’s attention, like explaining them why they should download this app?

To get the viewers attention, I try and make the commentary and game play as fun as possible. But in the case of it being an app, yes, I do explain why they should download the app, maybe give them a real life situation where they would find the app very useful.

What do you like the most about SharePop?

I like SharePop for the various ways I can share games and review apps. The best part of SharePop though would have to be the power it has to bring in different audience  and grow my channel as a whole.

Thank you HaVoC Gaming for your time 🙂

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Check out this HaVoC Gaming video with SharePop.

Happy shares!

Main Picture: HaVoC Gaming

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