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How to become a Social Media Influencer

A social media influencer has become a new career of this century. Everyone who has a relevant number of followers and an engaging interaction with their audience on social media is considered an influence. They are on blogs, YouTube, Twitter – simply everywhere, and everybody is watching.

It is not hard to understand why social media influencers have also become such good business partners when it comes to connect the public with a brand. Let’s say you go to a party and you meet Joe. Joe says he’s a DJ, he has played in some clubs and that his music is incredible. You were actually need a DJ for your upcoming party. Then Natasha approaches the two of you. Natasha is someone you like, you trust her and she tells you that Joe is as good as he claims himself to be. What happens to your opinion about Joe? You now start trusting that was he’s saying is true, right? And you actually want to hear to his work now. The same happens to a social media influencer. The recommendations they make of products (including mobile apps) are trusted by their followers.

Yet, how do you become one of them? How do you get such audience and create a relationship with who consumes your content? SharePop is here to help you out on that.

1 – Find your niche

Decide about what your content will be about. Think of something that interests you and a large number of people. Is it fashion? TV series? You can also make make the niche more narrow and still keep it broad enough, for instance, rock music, European traveling or university life in your country.

2 – Think ‘audience’ and how to get it

Create the persona that represents the audience you want to reach. For instance, create ‘Mary’: where is she located? How old is she? What are her interests? Which kind of content does she like to interact with? (Video, text, informal or formal language, etc). After you create Mary, think you and where you can get people like her –  truth be told, it is much easier to reach an audience when you know which kind of public you are looking for.

3 – Be human

People are tired of superficial contact. Don’t be afraid to show who you really are. Plan your content but don’t ‘rehearsal’ too much to an extend that sounds fake.

4 – Make good content

Your content has to be sublime and unique. For example, let’s say you are creating a channel on fashion – there are already plenty of channels about fashion, what will make yours so unique? What will keep people visiting your channel? Your content has to be good, but also make it special, make it what they cannot find anywhere else. Tip: inspire your audience.

5 – Organize yourself

Plan in advance which content you will create, when you’ll create it and when you’ll publish it. Also, plan how to keep your page ‘alive’. A regular posting schedule is one of the keys to success when it comes to social media. If you have a Facebook page, plan which content you are going to publish and when, avoiding days with no activity. If you have a YouTube channel, decide on which days you’ll post a new video, etc.

6 – Don’t be afraid to invest

In other words, if you truly believe in your channel and in your content, consider spending money on it as well. Maybe a beautiful design background will do wonders, or investing to boost your page on Facebook, or you’ll have to pay for a domain. The options on where to spend money are endless, consider every one of them carefully, because some of them may take your channel to another level (that level being a channel with more followers).

7 – Never give up

Unless you’re Kim Kardashian, or someone else who is already famous, your path to the top is going to be challenging – but those who succeed are the ones who have never given up. You’ll have to keep your job, you’ll be busy with your studies, and finding time, creativity and energy to your social media activity can be difficult sometimes. However, never give up, never, never, ever. To become a social media influencer takes a long time: you need to persist, keep creating content, investing time on it, and one day you’ll be there.

Good luck on that 🙂


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