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How To Build Your Creative Confidence

You can be creative as well, even if you don’t think you are.David Kelley, the founder of the design company IDEO, shares how there is a creative potential in all of us, how to unblock it and how that can help us have a more innovative life.

To be creative is a major help when you are an influencer and the best part of social media is that its technology is always updating, so there will always be more than you can do with different networks. Besides, you have a big chance to be creative with your content. As long you are not offensive nor shocking, you can do pretty much anything on social media. So what’s stopping you?

Many influencers have those days. They would like to create new content but nothing is coming up. For that, we have given you 8 content ideas for when you are out of ideas. However, this TED video will help you embrace your creativity. Check it out 🙂

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