How To Get Started On Twitter

After the app behind the mobile camera, we thought it was time for the app where we share messages as succinct as a tweet. That’s right; we’re talking about Twitter.

The good news is that, like Instagram, sharing the apps on Twitter through SharePop is a piece of cake.

It only takes three steps.

1) Choose the app you want

Sign up or log in on and browse through our available apps.
Pick up an app you want to promote and generate your unique tracking link.
Copy the link.

2) Tweet your tracking link

Then you have to paste it on a new Tweet. With it, we advise you to write a message that will appeal your followers to install the app.

3) Monitor your earnings

You can check your earnings on the “performance section” in your SharePop account.

Easy, right? Click here to sign up and start earning money.

Two quick tips:

Before you go, we have two good advice that may help you get more coins 🙂

  • Choose an app that you think will suit your followers’ interests better 🙂 do they like games? Are they into fashion? Do they enjoy some live music? If the app is interesting for them, the more likely it is that they will install it.
  • Try to install the app yourself and test it 🙂 then you know better what to say to your followers about the app.

If you have any question, go to our support page or log in your account and go to ‘contact us’.

Happy shares 🙂

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