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The Killer Formula To Have More Followers on Twitter

You need an audience to be a social media influence. When you have a relevant number of followers, you come across as an expert (depending on what you tweet about) and your word spreads faster. However, followers do not just appear. It takes time, dedication, and some strategy to attract an audience, especially if you have a particular one in mind – but do not fear, it’s easier than you think.

These 10 actions can optimize your Twitter presence. Take a look.

1 – Sync your e-mail contacts with Twitter

If you’re on Twitter, why not to share your account with those who already know you? Probably they have a Twitter account too, and they may want to follow you.

To do this, sign in, go to the home page, and, on ‘who to follow (located on the right side), click ‘find friends.’

2 – Write a cool bio

If you want to attract more followers, having a bio helps a lot because it tells other people who you are. Keep it short, unique, and in a tone that adapts to the audience you want to reach.


3 – Tweet shareable content

Twitter is about sharing great content in a succinct manner. Therefore, you have better chances to succeed if our content is engaging and shareable, because that may increase people’s interaction with your tweets and your number of followers.

4 – Engage with others

Learn this with me: if you want to be out there, you have to put yourself out there. Start following people, comment their tweets, retweet them, etc. Besides, keep in mind that, when it comes to social media, there’s nothing like being sociable: answer people’s comments and create a relationship with them.

5 – Use #hashtags

Hashtags will categorize your tweets. Hence, if someone is looking for a particular keyword or phrase, and it has a hashtag, the tweet will appear more quickly in the Twitter Search.

For example, you may find this tweet if you search for ‘oscars.’

6 – Share your @username

Place a Twitter widget on your blog or website. If you have a business card, write your username on it. Also, don’t forget to share some of your tweets on your other social media accounts, such as Facebook – that way, more people will know about your account.

7 – Retweet other people’s content

If you find valuable content out there, go ahead and retweet it. Sometimes this can give you a new follower – and a very loyal one.

8 – Be active but don’t flood your followers

It is important to tweet on a daily basis, sometimes more than once, but do not overwhelm your audience with too many tweets. Like everything else in life, there has to be balanced.

9 – Make the most out of images

Go visual! People tend to pay more attention to tweets that have images.

10 – Pay attention to when you post

Because Twitter is more used on mobile, it is hard to categorize an exact hour as the best time to tweet. However, research says that people tend to check Twitter more from Thursdays to Sundays after leaving work or school.

Nevertheless, this may change according to your audience. Pay close attention to the engagement level of your tweets in different hours and days, but keep in mind that the timing is not the only thing that makes tweet popular; consider all the above points.

So, now that we have given you the killer formula to increase your audience, are you ready to grow your influence?

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