Instagram Gets Its First Game

As Instagram was launched 5 Octobers ago, I wanted to write about something extraordinary that cannot go unnoticed. We all know it as the photo sharing app with very nice filters, but did you know that there’s one game on Instagram? That’s right!

Rick and Morty, the adult animation series by Adult Swim about a crazy scientist and his grandson, inspired Rickstaverse, a game where you can explore different planets by clicking on the photos and its tags. There are hidden collectible objects and mini-games to find, and although not every photo has a tag, don’t miss out their amusing descriptions.

Check out the video below to know how it works!



I have tried the game myself, and I found it very well made and innovative.

What do you think about this initiative? Do you believe this is the first Instagram game of many?


Picture: Rickstaverse Instructions.

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