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Popular hashtags and how to use them

This is not just a list of the most popular hashtags – it is an analysis of which hashtags may be the best for you and how you should use them for better optimization.

We know hashtags can be good for your social media channel. It is more likely that your content is found more easily if you use them, which can bring you new followers, and there’s a chance that the engagement increases if you use them correctly.

Yet, what does using hashtags ‘correctly’ means? Well, to start, you know you #shouldnotdothis (unless it is a real social cause or event, but more of that later), #nor #you #should #do #this, but how to use hashtags for better optimization?

If you use hashtags that are related to your content and are likely to be searched, you’re in a good direction – however, there’s a line. There is endless content that is being published right now with these so called ‘most used’ hashtags, and independently of the hour you post them, if you use this hashtags, a user’s feed just gets overwhelmed.

So, which are the best hashtags, when ‘best’ mean popular and excellent optimization partners?

1. Hashtags related to news, social causes or events

I know what you are thinking – ‘so I should not use hashtags that overly used, but to use hashtags related to popular topics may be a good idea’? Yes, for two main reasons.

One, everybody is talking about it, and hence a lot of people are paying attention to it, following it and searching for it (second reason). It increases the possibility of engagement if you’re publishing something related to a trendy topic, whether it is a glamorous event or an unfortunate news.

2. Hashtags of social media movements

Thematic days and posts have arrived to social media, and users love it. Therefore, users love searching about it and engaging with other users content – it is fun and connects people, which is why we love social media.

Some of the best hashtags on this are #tbt, #photooftheday, and hashtags related to Instagram content, such as #instagood, #instamood and #nofilter

3. Cities, personalities and interests

In short, everything and everyone that is enthusiastic to others.

4. Ordinary events and emotions

It seems strange that posts about a usual doing, followed by an hashtag that expresses how you felt can be so engaging, but the answer is quite simple – they are relatable, and we love what we can relate to.

It is important to not overflow the description or a post with details, but if you keep it simple and straight to the point, hashtags like #beachday, #happy, #friends and #love can be good for your content.

World Nativ for life ?????#love #world #travel #adventure #soulmates #life #freedom

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What do you agree with our post? Which hashtags work better for you? Leave your opinion on a comment bellow.

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