Meet Emre and Dogan

What happens when thoughtful, inspiring quotations got a hip hop
beat flavor?

When someone looks at Emre and Dogan, two young men who live in Hamburg, they probably wouldn’t notice that they have an experience in a new phenomenon of the XXI century: making money with the internet.

Foto: (from the left) Stephan, Dogan, Emre, Marta on the famous Sprint-outs Developers’ wall at sharepop Berlin’s office

Foto: (from the left) Stephan, Dogan, Emre, Marta on the famous Sprint-outs Developers’ wall at sharepop Berlin’s office

Social media is a phenomenon that came to stay and these guys decided to make the most out of it. Emre and Dogan run an Instagram account with inspirational quotes and share his love for rap music with his audience by publishing his own music in his YouTube channel. Both channels are good, have lots of followers and a high level of engagement: people comment, like and sometimes even share their content.

Later on, they found out about SharePop, and thought that as they were putting so much passion and work into their channels, monetizing them wouldn’t be such a bad idea – so yeah, they joined us! In fact, they have been with us since the beginning.

According to the boys, their impressions with SharePop have been amazing: they were positively surprised how quickly they could see the results of their involvement and how it also helped to increase the popularity of their channel – which made us happy too. As a result, we were very excited that these creative guys have decided to stop by our office when they were visiting their friends in Berlin last week. It was great to meet them personally and see how dedicated to their projects and humble they are.

 If you haven’t checked out their channels, well, we think you should.



Dogan 47 Hip-Hop YouTube

Thank you Emre and Dogan 47 for sharing with us your story. We are very grateful for your visit and wish you all the success in the world!

„I appreciate getting to know our users, and especially if it’s such young and smart guys like Emre and Dogan. We had an interesting chat in which we, from Sharepop also gained new insights.” 

Stephan Rumke, Business Development Manager

“I was so glad to meet Emre and his friend in the flesh. Well, as for the first face-to-face meeting with Influencers at Sharepop premises, it was a very nice and cosy afternoon time! Sitting on a yellow couch in the bright kitchen while chatting about personal experiences with social media, reactions of their fans to various campaigns, young hip hop scene in Hamburg and… football buddies was definitely fun! It was fascinating to hear what people, who usually sit on the other side of Sharepop platform, have to say. Good luck with your exams and have a great holiday time guys!”

Marta Kosmalska, Trainee Account Manager DACH