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Social Media: After All, How Do I Get More Followers?

Many people on social media ask: how do I grow my influence fast? In other words, how do I quickly get more followers?

The important thing is not to get lots of followers but the right ones. Social media is meant for people to socialize and it has become a great route for that in the digital age. People present themselves, in general, in a more interesting way than brands. When it comes to social topics such as food habits, entertainment, dating and fashion, people give a special edge to it in comparison to brands. This is why social media influencers are so attractive to brands – they make their opinions on products and give advice to their followers. Influencers make rules, trends and behaviors that effect people.

So, how do you get (relevant) followers?

1 – The Engaging Followers

You need followers who really interact with you and are interested in what you say because they will not hear you if they are not into your content.

Write down who these people are and where they are – the channels they own, channels they like, forums they participate on. Pay close attention to who seems to engage more and start ‘socializing’ with them. Like their content, make questions, comments, give your opinion and, above all, be pleasant and cordial. People will notice you and your channel.

2 – Produce original content

It is OK to post other channel’s content from time to time as long it matches your channel. However, try to create as much original content as you can. After all, people want to know more about you to ‘build a relationship’ with you. Producing your own content shows your ideas and makes you trustworthy.

A helpful way to do this is to plan your content – dare to take a look here how and why.

3 – Keep it regular

You probably would not make friends if you disappear out of nowhere in the middle of a party without saying anything. The same applies on social media. Plan and post your content frequently. Think of your channel as a network, a meeting point. Bottom line, don’t walk away when someone is watching you.

4 – Hashtags

With hashtags you can find people with interests related to your channel and they can find you. Make a list of 30 relevant hashtags and publish them with your content or use them search for potential new followers.

5 – Analyze it

There are many tools that will help you analyze your growth. Check out how your channel is increasing (10 followers a week, 40 or 100) and evaluate the content that had more interactions.

In the mean time, monetize it

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