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Social Media Metrics: What Matters To Analyze?

We at SharePop like to motivate our users to be creative. However, to be a good social media influencer, it is important to analyze your social media metrics. Shall we talk about that?

First of all, have you ever though why do we track? It goes beyond numbers. Here is what you should analyze when you look into your results.

1 – The Engagement: How many people have consumed your content? Was it shared? How many likes and comments did it get and how would you perceive them? On Facebook, for example, people can ‘react’ to your content in 5 ways, while on YouTube followers can like or unlike a video.

2 – The Lead Factor: How often does your content become a lead?

3 – Profit: How much money have you made from your content?

4 – Popularity: Is it increasing or decreasing?

In short, it is important to check the reactions and the lead resulted by your content, how your community is growing and how much money you are making. If you consider these four criteria you will have better chances to plan better strategies.

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