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How to make followers come back for more – 7 useful tools to pimp your social media content

Best apps to improve your social media posts

Making a good social media post boils down to one thing: an idea that is interesting to your audience. But presentation also matters, it’s that eye-catching moment when your content stands out above the rest. To help you with that, we created a list of apps and tools that put that extra polished shine on your content. 

1. PHOTO GRID – lens have fun!

Make collages, decorate your favourite photos with stickers and edit your photos, all of this and more is packed into this handy app. What’s more, Photo Grid was voted one of Google Play’s top apps for 2016.

What you can do with this app?

  • Make collages of your favourite pics with more than 300 templates
  • Themed slideshows
  • Add fun stickers decoration to your photos
  • Be inspired by collages from users all over the globe
  • Get featured in the Top User of the Week Gallery and earn medals fir you designs
  • Create the perfect Instagram post with unique effects
  • Join 4.6m users that rate this app 5 stars

Get the App → Android | iOS

2.  AZ Screen Recorder

Have you ever thought it’s about time you started demonstrate your skills with the rhythm game, Cytus? Or finally showing your mom, step-by-step how to order food from the local delivery service? AZ Screen Recorder will now help you make it happen. Not only is it free, it’s also ad free and watermark free with no time limit. This is a must-have for any social media channel.

What you can do with this app?

  • Show your followers hacks to beat difficult levels in games
  • Record videos with a front camera overlay to add a personal feel to your video
  • Display screen taps, so that viewers can see exactly what you are doing
  • Download your video as a GIF
  • Share your creation to various app for all the world to see

Get the App → Android


4. MIRROR PHOTO: Editor & Collage

Am I on the left or on the right side? Let your followers decide and play a funny guessing game with plenty of creative mirror-effect variations. Who wouldn’t like to feel an Alice from Wonderland? Or if you ever wished you had a twin…now’s your chance!

Time to join the mirroring trend on your social media channel.

Get the App  → Android

Get a similar app for iOS

Photo Mirror Collage Maker Pro

Get the App  → iOS


5. PhotoDirector Photo Editor App

Looking to edit your photos on the go? With PhotoDirector you can edit your photos to look professional, right from your phone. It’s a powerful tool that is simple to use especially when to do some editing that’s more than just adding a filter (but you can do that too if you want!)

What you can do with this app?

  • Adjust your HSL sliders and RGB channels
  • Colourize your photos
  • Create vivid images with the saturation toggle
  • Remove unwanted objects
  • Add and adjust HDR
  • Save images in Ultra 4k (device depending)
  • Add bokeh effects
  • and many many more

Get the App  → Android | iOS


6. Photo Lab Picture Editor FX

Express your inner artist with this app. Photo Lab allows you to create photo montages to make your selfies into something out of this world (like an astronaut for example). Best of all is, you don’t need fancy software to do it either.

What you can do with this app?

  • Create artistic posts that display your true self
  • Add unusual effects to your selfies
  • Regular updates and new features
  • Add colour filters and frames to your photos
  • 600 000 users rated this app 5 stars (we think you will too)

Get the App  → Android | iOS


PhotoLab is a great app to customize your posts



Your amazing videos deserve amazing music. These two apps (a different one for each OS) make your videos come to life. Plus it’s flexible enough to allow you to add photos too!

What you can do with this app?

  • Create Instagram-friendly videos
  • Find music that perfectly fits the mood
  • Easy to use, create videos quickly
  • Add effects for added charm

musci-video-app-sharepop-blog-768x1313  music-video-app-blogpost-sharepop-768x1315


Get the App  → Android | iOS 

Honourable mentions:

Here are other hot apps that we recommend you check out that’s perfect for taking the perfect selfie! Now you can have the glossy look without any make-up:

Do you know more helpful apps to enhance your social media posts? Tell us which app and why, we will be sure to create a post with all your suggestions!

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