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Some Tweets Are Not Going Unnoticed – Yours Can Be Next

As you know, we work hard at SharePop to provide you with the coolest apps so you can monetize your social media influence. Currently, you can promote our apps on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and many of you have asked us you can do it – hence, we thought ‘why don’t we show them what other users are doing’? 🙂

Take a look at these:

As you go through them, you can see that they are different from each other. Some have pictures, some use hashtags, and some prefer not to have any of these. While there is no right way to promote your SharePop tracking link, there is one thing that all good Tweets have in common. Can you guess?

It’s a ‘call-to-action’ message, which is a small text that motivates their followers to check out the app and download it.

Besides this, some users ask for an ‘RT’ (‘retweet’), which means they request their followers to share their tweet. If someone decides to do them this favor, more people will see their tweet, which will increase the chances of download.

What did you think about the Tweets above? Do you have any good example of how you share SharePop on Instagram or YouTube? E-mail us that and, who knows, perhaps your account will be in our next post 😀

All the best and happy shares, guys!

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