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    How To Build Your Creative Confidence

    You can be creative as well, even if you don’t think you are. Read More

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    iPhone Photography Awards 2016

    Part of being a social media influencer most of the times involves taking excellent photos, and in this cases, your mobile phone becomes your best ally.

    The iPhone Photography Awards acknowledges the best iPhone photographers and the winners of this year’s edition were revealed. Over thousands of photos from 139 countries were submitted. Read More

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    The Best Advice You’ll Ever Hear About Creating Social Media Content

    When it comes to following someone in social media, it is usually a decision we are not so much aware we made. We find a social media page or channel, we visit it, we enjoy what is published in there and then, when we realize it, we are following it, and while there are lots of aspects that makes a social media page so attractive to us, the most important one is… Read More