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The 10 Commandments to Create Social Media Relationships

Popular social media users do not only know how to attract new followers, they know how to keep them. Keeping followers represents some advantages for social media users. You get to know your followers and their preferences better, you know you have an audience eager to hear from you, and they also attract you new followers by spreading the word about your channel.

Here are some steps that will help you keep your audience

1) Post regularly

You have seen this one coming, right?

If you do not post regularly, users will stop following your channel. I once told you that if you want to be successful on social media you had to put yourself out there, and it really applies. Post content frequently and you’ll your followers coming back to your channel.

Quick note: this does not mean you have to post daily, for example, but many followers have fixed weekdays to let their followers know when they can expect new content. If you cannot do this, try to at least post regularly on weekly basis.

2) Post quality content

Even more important than quantity is quality. Whatever you post about it, make it good, useful and/or entertaining enough to make your audience engaged with your content.

3) Have a good social media channel

Make your channel yours, but make it good. Complete your profile, customize your channel, use the features in your advantage, but, very important, that channel has to have personality at the end of the day and stand out from other channels. More than good, also think what makes your channel different.

4) Connect your channels

Share your Twitter account on your YouTube channel, your Instagram account to your Facebook, and so on. This way, those who follow you on Twitter can know you have an Instagram account, and that may bring you more followers to Instagram, for example.

5) Connect with your followers

Your followers will comment your content, share it, and even send you messages or e-mails. Whatever they do, engage with them: answer their comments, their questions, listen to them, ask them their opinion. Your followers will like to know there’s indeed someone on the other side of the screen.

6) Keep an open dialogue

Be nice to your followers, listen to them, welcome everyone to your channel and accept every opinion. If someone gives you a bad feedback on your channel, answer amicably – however, if a follower get offensive for someone, reconsider asking them to leave your channel, to keep the ‘environment’ cool to other followers.

7) Be real

Besides liking to feel there’s someone on the other side of the screen, your followers also like to know that that ‘someone’ is a real person like them. You should be authentic and amicable.

8) Consider how ‘personal’ you want to be

Keep in mind that they are your audience and not close friends, and that everything that goes online becomes public. Hence, always think how ‘personal’ you want to get – in other words, how much of your personal life you want to share.

This is important to consider for our own safety and privacy, and sharing too much may make your content not interesting for your audience. So, really consider what is best for you 🙂

9) Build trust

Your followers want to know you are reliable. For instance, famous YouTubers do not talk about every single product they are approached to promote. They talk about the ones they truly liked (or give their honest opinion when they do not like a product so much, always keeping a friendly tone).

10) Brainstorm about your niche

More than thinking who you want your readers to be, you should also consider what will keep them coming to your channel, and a good way to do this is if you focus on a niche. Think what are the interests of the audience you want to attract, and then reflect them in your channel. For instance, if you’re planning to build an Instagram account for an audience of travelers, think which content travelers like to see, or what they find useful to know about, or even inspiring.

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