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The Best Advice You’ll Ever Hear About Creating Social Media Content

When it comes to following someone in social media, it is usually a decision we are not so much aware we made. We find a social media page or channel, we visit it, we enjoy what is published in there and then, when we realize it, we are following it, and while there are lots of aspects that makes a social media page so attractive to us, the most important one is… the content.

Without wanting to neglect an efficient social media strategy, social media calendar or a good design, a good and attractive content is what makes people come back to your page.

When we really think about it, social media influencers are entrepreneurs. They had an idea and made it work in a profitable way. Their social media pages became small virtual business establishments where people come, consume the content and then leave – and if the content is really good, they will most likely leave with the aim of coming back.

With that said, it is important to discuss something that goes along with both business and social media content. Such as many people have ideas for business, many of us have ideas for content – fashion, games, travel, fitness, etc -, but when it comes to both of them, there’s an identical logic to be followed: what you create should be different and meaningful. Many of us tend to go for a career, idea or business field because we think it will bring more money but there are other details to be concerned such as competition, meaning and innovation. For instance, there are already lots of blogs, Instagram accounts or YouTube channels about fashion, but what will make yours so different and important for an audience?

Asking yourself this question while taking into account these aspects will give you a major feedback on if the idea behind your content is truly great and how to take it further, or if it could be improved and how. Additionally it may bring you even more content ideas.

And because we can hear you thinking ‘oh man, these are goo points indeed, but where should I start? I need some guidance’, we leave you with two videos. One on how to be an entrepreneur and the other on the meaning of a good business. Check them out.

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