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Twitter’s Upcoming Changes And What They Mean To You

Attention! Good news over here! Twitter has announced updates that can make big changes to how you create content and engage with your followers. Come check them out.

1 – Media will no longer count towards the 140 character limit.

Everyone who uses Twitter knows that we have to consider how many characters we can write after we upload a photo, video or GIF – the good news are we no longer will have to do that. Twitter now allows you to attach media and still write up to 140 characters. This is a massive change for storytelling since it combines the best visual content without compromising your words.

Furthermore, this feature can have a big impact on your follower’s engagement. According to a report by Twitter, tweets with images can generate 313% more engagement than tweets with no media. Including media also increases the chance of retweet by 35% for image tweets and 28% for video tweets.

In sum, this update makes your tweets more appealing to new discussions and allows you to tell better stories, which is every brand and influencer’s dream, wouldn’t you agree?

2 – Retweet yourself

Remember when we told you that one of the advantages of having a social media calendar was bringing old content back? Now you can do that on Twitter by retweeting yourself.

Yes, we know this sounds a bit weird, but it is actually a great thing.

  • You can bring back a tweet that went unnoticed
  • You can add new thoughts to your content
  • You can retweet your SharePop campaigns (just saying)
  • You can clarify what you really meant when you wrote that tweet.

3 – In replies to tweets, @names will no longer count towards the 140 character limit.

Now you can reply to as many people as you want at the same time. As an influencer, this represents an opportunity to grow your engagement and more interactive discussions, which can increase your community.

4 – 140 seconds video

Before you could only share 30 seconds of video. However, after Instagram increased their video length, the social media network known for being brief probably did not want to be left behind. Now you can share 140 characters and 140 seconds of video.


5 – Tweets beginning with a @name will reach all followers

Want to create a public shout-out? Want everybody to see your SharePop call-to-action? Start your tweet with a @name and it will reach all your followers. Yes, this is very excited, but be careful when you use this feature – you don’t want to come across as a spammer. Still, it is good to know it exists and it may work in your advantage.

Speaking of ‘advantage’, we at SharePop are super excited about these changes because we believe they are major to you and your influence.

What do you think of them? Will you use any of these features? Let us know in the comment section below


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