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What Influencers Need to Know About Instagram Video

3… 2… 1… Action! Instagram is the social media for visual content and has recently integrated video. This is a real game changer for social media influencers.Check out what the new video feature allows you to do:

Up to one minute

Instagram video length is from 15 to 60 seconds and you can shoot video directly from the Instagram app or upload it from your photo library. You can also add filters, choose the cover photo and turn off the sound. It does seem like all the conditions to publish a cool video that suits your audience are together, doesn’t it?

Ads with call to action

Instagram ad allows you to add a call to action to your website or app, which will appear if your viewers tap the video once. This is something worth thinking when choosing between an image and a video, specially if you want to bring more traffic to your other media.

Data friendly

You can easily see how many people have viewed your videos by simply looking at the view count below each of them. Having access to your data allows you have a better feedback of what your followers like and how their relationship with your channel is evolving.

In sum, Instagram is becoming an even better ally for your influence on social media, and the new video feature shows just that. With easier data access, call to action integration and a fair video length, this application is a new opportunity to engage with your audience in a higher level – so enjoy it, dare your creativity and have fun with it.


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