What’s New on Facebook?

Facebook tries to innovate and adapt itself to current times. However, we want to be aware of that change so we can take advantage of everything that this amazing social network has to offer, so why not gather them on a blog post?

Let’s see if you have noticed these new features.

1 – Notify

Facebook has now an app for iPhone called ‘Notify’, which helps you to be updated of the latest news on topics such as fashion, music and politics. Check out the video bellow to know more about it. If you like to be one of the first persons to know about what’s going on, this can be a good app for you.

2 – Nearby Friends

While some users see this has a new way of being stalked, other see it has a good tool to keep in touch. ‘Nearby Friends’ is a feature that allows you to see when a Facebook friend of yours is nearby. Imagine a very close friend is one block away – would you consider to grab a drink?


3 – A Look Back

The feature that takes us down to memory lane, compiling highlights you posted on Facebook in the past, such as photos or life events you shared.

4 – Trending

Want to know what everybody is talking about? Meet ‘trending’, which shows the topics and hashtags that have recently spiked in popularity on Facebook. This list is bases on numerous factors, such as your location or pages you have liked.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.00.295 – Notes

Facebook improved the look of Notes too, which made some bloggers consider Facebook as a posting option. This does represent some advantages to bloggers, as it brings a new audience and a big number of reach, shares and engagement.

6 – Facebook can put your ex in a box

The experience of using Facebook doesn’t need to stop being pleasant because you are no longer in a relationship. Now Facebook can help you see less of the person you were with on your news feed without having to ‘unfriend’.

7 – Safety check

Last November 13th I wanted to check if my friends who live in Paris were OK. I opened my Facebook page to message them and then I saw on my news feed that all of them had been ‘checked’ as safe. I do not know if this can be considered a new feature, as it only happened once – which was one of the critics made, as there was no ‘safety check’ for Beirut. However, it was definitely an innovative way from Facebook to let people know their friends are well. Let’s hope we do not have to use this feature again though, independently of where it happened.


What do you think of these new features? Which kind of features would you like Facebook to have?

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Other photos from: TechCrunch and YouTube. ‘Trending’ photo is a screenshot.

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