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Why a Social Media calendar is good for you

The reasons seem to be obvious at first – to keep your content organized and your channel active -, but there is more than it meets the eye.

When you are a small or a medium influencer (and even when you become a bigger one), social media posting occupies just a small part of your day. Most of the time goes to planning your content and to produce it, without forgetting your life outside of the online world.

First, what should a social media calendar include? It is not only posting. You should safe some time to answer comments of your followers, to check out if any of those comments is offensive and to analyze the engagement your content has had (such as the number of likes and comments or the number of people who have visited your page). These practices improve the quality of your channel, increase the engagement with your audience and give you a better understanding of which kind of content interests more your followers.

But apart from these, why do you need it?

1) To keep your channel active

Let’s start with one of the most obvious reasons. Like I said, posting on social media is just a percentage of your busy day, and you may remember that you have not posted anything on your channel in the end of the day.

A social media calendar helps to prevent missing posting days, keeping your social media channel ‘alive’ and your content showing up in your followers feeds, which increases the chance of engagement and avoids that your fans will follow you for lack of activity (yes, this can happen, nobody likes an uninteresting page).

2) It helps to build a better strategy

A social media calendar allows you to have a better perception of the time and days that your content reaches a higher reach, and also what is the kind of content your audience engages the most with, which makes it easier to plan future content and social media posting schedule.

3) It allows you to bring your old content back to life

When you plan a social media calendar, you realize that it is better to post less but frequently than to post a lot of content in two days of the week, and because creating new content everyday is very challenging, you have now the chance to bring your old content back to the attention of your audience.

4) It allows you to better manage your social media channels

For example, when you are a blogger and you have a Facebook and a Twitter and an Instagram account, it is easy to forget to post regularly in all of these networks. Eventually, one of them may become less active than the others. Unless, of course, you plan these posts. A social media calendar helps you manage what will be published on Facebook and the photos you will put on Instagram, which makes it easier to keep your channels active and with quality.

5) Time management

A social media calendar requires some planning, but such planning may only take a few hours in one day of the week, instead of an hour everyday. This saves you time and the stress of ‘oh, I have a meeting in 15 minutes, let me search quickly for something to post before I go”.

6) It keeps your performance on track

Once again, a social media calendar allows to analyze better which days, hours and kind of content have higher engagement and reach than others. Of course you cannot rely only on these facts – if your content is not good nor interesting, it hardly will get attention, but these are good indicators to optimize your content and your channels in the best way.


A social media calendar can help you have more active channels, bring some of your old content back, and helps you study facts that can lead to a higher engagement with your content. Besides, it saves you time and allows you to have a better perspective of your audience preferences.


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